(1) Baramidze,D - Stellwagen,D [B76]
Chess Events Maastricht 2004, 2004
[Jan van Reek]

1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Sxd4 Sf6 5.Sc3 g6 6.Le3 Lg7 7.f3 Sc6 8.Dd2 0-0 9.0-0-0 Ld7 10.g4 Se5 11.h4 Tc8 12.h5 Da5 13.hxg6
[ An interesting variation of the Sicilian Defence has arisen. White attacks on the kingside. Black defends with his minor pieces and counterattacks with two heavy pieces. Baramidze diverts from the variation 13.Kb1 Txc3 14.Dxc3 Dxc3 15.bxc3 Sxf3 16.Sxf3 Lxg4 Sandor - Aagaard, Hamburg 1993.]

13...fxg6 14.Kb1 b5!
Black sacrifices a pawn.

15.Lxb5 Lxb5 16.Scxb5 Dxd2 17.Lxd2
A forced simplification has occurred.

17...Tb8 18.Sc3 Sc4!
The critical position! Does Black have sufficient compensation for the pawn?

19.b3 Sxg4 20.fxg4 Lxd4 21.Sd5 Sxd2+!?
Slightly better seems to be the immediate 22... Bf6.

22.Txd2 Lf6 23.Sxf6+ Txf6 24.e5 Te6 25.exd6 exd6
Although Black has won back the pawn, he still suffers due to weaknesses in the double rook ending.

26.c4 Tb6 27.Kc2 Te4 28.Tg2 a5 29.Kd3 Te5 30.Tf2 a4 31.Tb1 axb3 32.axb3 h5 33.gxh5 Txh5 34.b4 Th3+ 35.Ke4 Th4+ 36.Tf4 Txf4+ 37.Kxf4 Kf7
The Exchange has led to a defendable rook ending.

38.Ke4 Ke6 39.b5 Tb8 40.Th1 Tg8?
[ Daniel does not play a forced draw 40...d5+! 41.cxd5+ Kd6 42.Tb1 ( David had calculated 42.Th6 Txb5 43.Txg6+ Kd7 but then the theoretical draw arises.) 42...Te8+ 43.Kd4 Te5 ]

[ 41.Th7 g5 42.b6 Tc8! 43.Kd4 Tc6 44.b7 Tb6 draws quickly.]

[ 41...Te8! defends elegantly.]

[ Baramidze had evaluated 42.Kd5 Tg7 43.Th8 Te7 44.Tg8 Te5+ as drawn.]

[ Correct is 42...Ke6! 43.b6 Tc8! 44.Kd4 Tc6 45.b7 Tb6 46.Tg7! g5! ( Baramidze had noticed the trap 46...Kf6?? 47.c5! ) ]

43.Kd5 g5 44.b6 1-0