(1) Matthias Deutschman - Susan Polgar [D00]
15 0 Lasker Museum Celebration Forest Hills, 20.10.2005

1.d4 Sf6 2.Sc3 d5 3.e4 dxe4
The Blackmar-Diemer-Gambit

4.f3 exf3
[4...Lf5 ; 4...e3 ]

5.Sxf3 Lg4 6.h3 Lh5
[6...Lxf3 7.Dxf3 c6 8.Le3= ]

7.g4 Lg6 8.Se5 c6
[8...e6 9.Df3 c6~~ ; 8...Sbd7 9.Df3 c6 10.Sxg6 hxg6~~ ]

9.h4 e6
[9...Le4 10.Sxe4 Sxe4 11.Df3 Sd6~~ ]

10.h5 Le4 11.Sxe4 Sxe4 12.Df3 Sd6?!
[12...Sf6 13.g5 (13.c3 Dd5 14.g5 Dxf3 15.Sxf3~~ ) 13...Dxd4-/+ ]

[13.Lf4 Le7 14.0-0-0 h6+/= ]

13...f6 14.Sc4 Sxc4
[14...Sf7 15.Lf4 Dd5 16.Tf1 Dxf3 17.Txf3~~ ]

15.Lxc4 Dxd4 16.Lxe6
[16.De2 e5 17.c3 Dd6 18.Ld2~~ ]

16...Sd7 17.Le3 Se5 18.De2

[18...Dd6 19.Lf5 Dd5 20.Kf2 Le7=/+ ]

19.0-0 Da3 20.h6!?
The crucial position [20.Lb3? 0-0-0 ]

[20...De7 21.Lb3 gxh6 22.Tad1~~ ; 20...Lc5!? 21.hxg7 Dxe3+ 22.Dxe3 Lxe3+ 23.Kg2 Ke7 24.gxh8D Txh8 25.Lf5 h5 ]

[21.g5! Td6 22.Lb3! (22.gxf6!? Txe6 23.hxg7 Tg8 24.Dh5+ Sf7 25.Tae1 Txe3 26.Dh3 A wonderfull cross-pin! 26...Kd8 27.Txe3 Lc5 28.Td1+ Kc7 29.Kg2 Dxe3 30.Td7+ Kb6 31.Dxe3 Lxe3 32.Txf7 And Black has still problems to solve!) 22...Kd7+/= White now has a strong position. After 23.Rad1 Kc7 24.Rd6 Qd6 25.Rd1 the black position is difficult to defend! 23.Tad1 (23.Tf5 Direct attack against blacks best placed piece! 23...Kc7 24.Lf4 Dc5+ 25.Kh2 gxh6 26.Txe5 fxe5 27.Lxe5 Lg7 28.Lxg7 Thd8 29.Le5 Te8 30.Te1= ) 23...Kc7 24.Txd6 Dxd6 25.Td1 Db4 26.Ld4 Lc5 27.hxg7 Lxd4+ 28.Kg2 Td8 29.gxf6 Sg6 30.Dg4 Dc5 31.g8D Txg8 32.Lxg8 Lxf6 33.Lxh7 Se5= ; 21.hxg7 Lxg7 22.g5+/= Td6 23.Dh5+ Sg6 24.Lb3 fxg5 25.Tae1 Kd8 26.Tf7 Db4 ]

21...Txd1 22.Txd1 gxh6
[22...De7 23.Lb3 gxh6~~ ]

23.Df2 Ld6?
[23...Le7 24.Lb3 Db4 25.Ld4 Dd6~~ 26.Td2 With full compensation for the missing pawns]

24.Lb3! Tf8

[25.Lxa7~~ 25.Ba7 would have been better! 25...Le7 26.Le3 c5 27.Le6 f5! ]

25...Kd8!-/+ 26.Lxh6 Te8 27.Dxf6+
[27.g5 fxg5 28.Lf8 Txf8 29.Dxf8+ Kc7 30.Dg7+ Kb6 31.Kg2-/+ ]

Black has all his pieces in the game now.

28.Lf4 Sf3+ 29.Kg2 Lxf4 30.Dxf4+ Se5 31.Te1
[31.Th1 De7-/+ ]

White can take no advantage from the pin of the night. Time was nearly over and the game too.

32.Te4 b6 33.a4 Kb7 34.De3 Dxe3 35.Txe3 h6 36.Kg3 Kc7 37.c3 Kd6 38.Lc2 Tg8 39.Lf5 h5 40.Kf4 Sxg4 41.Td3+ Kc5 42.Td7 a5 43.Th7 Sf6 44.Th6 Sd5+ 45.Ke5 Te8+ 46.Le6 Sc7 0-1