(1) Topalov,Veselin (2740) - Shirov,Alexei (2710) [D85]
Linares 15th Linares (10), 04.03.1998

1.d4 Sf6 2.c4 g6 3.Sc3 d5 4.cxd5 Sxd5 5.e4 Sxc3 6.bxc3 Lg7 7.Lb5+ c6 8.La4 0-0 9.Se2 Sd7 10.0-0 e5 11.f3
[11.Le3 Te8 12.Dc2 De7 13.f3 Sb6 14.Lb3 Le6 15.Tad1 (15.Lf2 Lc4 16.a4 De6 17.Tfb1 Tab8 18.dxe5 Lxe5 19.a5 Sc8 20.Lxc4 Dxc4 21.Ta4 De6 22.f4 Lg7 23.e5 1-0 Neverov,V-Smikovski,I/Chigorin mem 1995/ (41)) 15...Tad8 16.c4 exd4 17.Sxd4 Lc8 18.Se2 Sd7 19.c5 Lf8 20.Tc1 Se5 21.Tfd1 Txd1+ 22.Txd1 Sd7 Ulibin,M-Novik,M/Moscow Alekhine op 1992/0-1 (51); 11.La3 Te8 12.Lb3 Sb6?! (12...exd4! ) 13.f4 exd4 14.f5 gxf5 15.Sg3-> Shirov,A-Smejkal,J/GER-chT/1992/]

11...De7 12.Le3 Td8! 13.Dc2?!
[13.Dc1 Sb6 14.Lb3 ]

13...Sb6 14.Lb3 Le6 15.Tad1
[15.f4 exf4 16.Lxe6 fxe6 17.Lxf4 Sc4= ]

15...Sc4! 16.Lc1 b5! 17.f4!
Topalov has to exploit his central pawn majority in an attempt to compensate for the knight on c4.

17...exd4 18.Sxd4 Lg4 19.Tde1
[19.Td3? Dxe4-+ ]

19...Dc5 20.Kh1 a5
[20...Lxd4 21.cxd4 Dxd4 22.f5-> ]

Very serious mistake, since the bishop will be much better on d7 square. [21.a4! bxa4 22.La2<=> ]

21...Ld7 22.a4 bxa4 23.La2 Le8! 24.e5
[24.Dxa4 Sb6 25.Db3 a4 26.Da3=/+ ]

24...Sb6 25.f5 Sd5 26.Ld2?!
[26.Tf3!? ; 26.f6!? ]

26...Sb4! 27.Dxa4
[27.cxb4 Dxc2 28.Sxc2 Txd2-/+ ]

27...Sxa2 28.Dxa2 Lxe5 29.fxg6
[29.Te4 Lg7 30.Lg5 Td5-/+ ]

29...hxg6 30.Lg5 Td5!
Two bishops and a spare pawn favour black, but he has to survive the dangers of white attack.

[31.Se2 a4-/+ ]

31...Dd6 32.De2 Ld7
[32...c5 33.Lf6 Lxf6 34.Txe8+ Txe8 35.Dxe8+ Kg7 36.Sb5 Dd7-/+ ]

33.c4 Lxd4 34.cxd5 Lxe3 35.Dxe3 Te8!
[35...Dxd5 36.Lf6 ]

[36.Dc1 Dxd5 37.Lf6 Lxh3! ]

36...Dxd5 37.Lh6
[37.Lf6 Te2-+ ]

White still preserves drawing chances due to the opposite colour bishops. [37...De5 38.Dc4 ]

[38.Te1? Lxh3! ; 38.Tb1 Lxh3 39.Dxh3 Th5-+ ]

38...Dc5 39.Da1
[39.Dxc5 Txc5 40.Ta3 Le6 41.Ld2 Tc2 42.Lxa5 Ld5 43.Tg3-/+ ]

39...Lf5 40.Te3 f6
[40...Txe3?? 41.Dg7# ]

41.Txe5 Dxe5 42.Da2+
[42.Dxe5 fxe5 43.Kg1 Kf7-+ ]

42...Dd5! 43.Dxd5+
[43.Da3 c5 44.Dxa5 Lxh3 45.Dd2 Lxg2+ (45...Dc6-/+ ) 46.Dxg2 Dh5+ 47.Dh2 Dxh2+ 48.Kxh2 g5 49.Kg3 Kf7 50.Kf3-/+ ]

43...cxd5 44.Ld2 a4 45.Lc3 Kf7 46.h4 Ke6 47.Kg1 Lh3!!
Fascinating idea of Shirov, since black has to push his two pawns a4,d5 as quickly as possible. The bishop would obstruct the way of the king on the natural square e4, on h3 it wins a precious tempo. [47...a3 48.Kf2 a2 49.Ke3 Lg4 50.g3 Kf5 51.Ld4~~ ; 47...Le4 Shirov -+ 48.Kf2 Kf5 49.g3~~ ]

[48.Kf2 Kf5 49.Kf3 Lxg2+ 50.Kxg2 Ke4 51.Lxf6 d4 52.Le7 Kd3 53.Kf2 Kc2 54.Lb4 d3-+ ]

48...Kf5 49.Kf2 Ke4 50.Lxf6
[50.Ke2 a3 51.Kd2 d4 52.La1 f5-+ ]

50...d4 51.Le7
[51.Ke2? a3-+ ]

51...Kd3! 52.Lc5 Kc4 53.Le7
[53.Lxd4 Kxd4 54.Ke2 Kc3 55.Kd1 Kb2-+ ]

[53...Kb3 54.Lc5 d3 55.Ke3 Kc2 56.Lb4 a3-+ ] 0-1