(1) Dzagnidze,Nana (2541) - Muzychuk,Anna (2533) [A85]
Maia Chiburdanidze Cup (6), 10.06.2009

This game was the key game of round 6, and probable for whole tournament, where two top ratings faced in 27 move battle, Nana Dzagnidze manage to win thanks to Anna Muzychuks blind on move 24.

1.d4 e6 2.c4 f5 3.Sc3 Sf6 4.g3 g6
Both sides choose strange orders of first moves

Diagram Rigth, Dzagnidze wants to change Muzychuk's only developed piece.

5...h6 6.Lxf6 Dxf6 7.e4 fxe4 8.Lg2
[8.Sxe4?! Lb4+ ]

[8...Lg7 It was probable better, and certainly it looks more safely. 9.Sge2 0-0 10.Sxe4 Df5 ]

9.Sge2 d5 10.0-0 c6
This was the point of 8...Bb4, trying to keep a pawn. Here Dzagnidze received a big advantage in development.


11...e3 12.Dd3 0-0 13.Dxe3 Kg7 14.f4 dxc4
It's very hard to find reasonable plan, and Muzychuk continues dangerous way picking all pawns that Dzagnidze is ready to give.

15.g4 De7 16.Sg3
[16.g5 was better, becouse after 16...h5 17.a3 Ld6 18.Se4 Sd7 19.Dc3 Kh7 20.Dxc4 we get position with total domination of white pieces.]

16...Sd7 17.Tae1 Sf6 18.h3

18...Dc7 19.Te2
Dzagnidze has concentrated all forces in the centre, but this allows black to finish development

19...Ld7 20.Le4?
Wrong idea.

20...Sd5 21.Sxd5 exd5 22.Lxg6??

22...Kxg6 23.f5+ Kh7 24.g5 Tae8??
[Here was many ways to win, but easiest way (which probably any human would choose during the blitz game) was 24...hxg5 25.Dxg5 Dxg3+ 26.Dxg3 Tg8-+ ]

25.g6+ Kg8 26.Dxh6 Lxf5 27.Sxf5 1-0