Anand bei ACP-Tour weiter vorne

22.03.2005 – Die ACP hat nach Abschluss der Turniere in Moskau, Poikovsky und Linares die aktualisierte Rangliste ihrer ACP-Tour vorgelegt. Anand konnte durch seine Platzierung in Linares seine Führung gegenüber Peter Leko etwas ausbauen. Der Co-Sieger von Poikovsky, Etienne Bacrot, gewann 480 Punkte und liegt nun auf Platz fünf. Zur ACP...Pressemitteilung der ACP...

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Linares, Poikovsky, Aeroflot Open ... the chess comunity has been spoilt recently!

All these wonderful events were also taken into account for the ACP Tour. Strangely enough their outcome did not really affect the head of the classification. As can be seen in the standings, changes rather occurred in the battle for the critical qualifying places.

 1. Anand       5         1598
 2. Leko        3         1170
 3. Gelfand     3          916
 4. Kramnik     3          813
 5. Bacrot      4          612
 6. Morozevich  2          610
 7. Amonatov    3          600
 8. Grischuk    3          567


 9. Bologan     2          545
Short       2          510

The top-4 remain the same as last month. Only Vishy Anand managed to gain some points to increase his overall lead. Surpising number 5 is now Etienne Bacrot, whose Russian tour proved very fruitful. His victory in Siberia earned him 480 points and puts him 2 points ahead of Alexander Morozevich. Poikovsky's co- winner Viorel Bologan also made a big step forward as he's now spurring on 8th ranked Alexander Grischuk. As a matter of fact, Nigel Short and Sergey Karjakin are not in the top-8 any more. Indeed, Farrukh Amonatov also made a surprising jump forward thanks to his great result in the Moscow Open which was held just after the Aeroflot Open. Speaking of the Aeroflot Open, which was extremely strong, Alexander Motylev and Andrei Kharlov were the only ACP member to share 1st place there and receive 279 points. Coincidentally, Linares has also been dominated by two outstanding players who decided to stay away from the ACP, Veselin Topalov and Garry Kasparov.

The coming period will be much quieter as only three opens will be computed: the Acropolis in Athens, the Foxwoods Open, and the Neckar Open in Deizisau.

Yannick Pelletier (ACP)





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