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01.10.2006 – Die bulgarische Focus Information Agency hat heute morgen ein Interview zitiert, dass Veselin Topalov dem russischen Sport Report gegeben hat. Er äußert seine Bereitschaft zur Fortführung, aber seiner Kenntnis nach gebe es heute keine Partie. Danailov, der die Verhandlungen führt, beharrt auf Anerkenntnis der kampflosen fünften Partie. Der Wettkampf solle nach dem Willen der Bulgaren beim Stand von 3:2 (für Kramnik) wieder aufgenommen werden. Falls dies nicht geschehe, würden die Bulgaren abreisen. Focus Information Agency, Meldung 1... Focus Information Agency, Meldung 2... Topalovs Webseite... Kramnik Webseite...Mehr...

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1. Oktober

"The Bulgarian grand chess master Veselin Topalov gave an interview to the Russian edition ‘Sport Report’ in which he states he wants the match for the absolute world chess title to continue.

“At the moment I only know that there won’t be a game today. All the negotiations on my part are being led by my personal manager Silvio Danailov,” Mr. Topalov said.
On the question what his mood is the Bulgarian champion replied: “Absolutely normal. I am preparing for the next game. I strongly hope the match would continue. There won’t be any hindrances on my part”.


“We made a compromise and agreed Mr. Kramnik to use the toilet in his restroom," Topalov’s manager Silvio Danailov said. “We decided he would use one and the same room, we gave him the bigger one. The president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov called the Minister of Construction of Kalmikiya to cooperate the two toilets to be knocked down and new ones to be build under the supervision of Bulgarian experts. We, however, refused. We decided it was enough for us to check the toilet couple of hours before each game”.

However, the issue with the result remains unsolved. Kramnik insists the match should continue with a 3:1 result. The position of the Bulgarian team is that the 3:2 result has been fixed by the judge and it is impossible to be changed. “If the result of the fifth game is cancelled we are leaving the match. It is unacceptable Kramnik to play games with everyone and most of all with FIDE and the organizers,” Mr. Danailov comments.