Fire on Board im Fritzserver

14.06.2005 – Fast 300 Teilnehmer beteiligten sich am Wochenende an den zwei Blitzturnieren, die das Best Western Hotel zusammen mit ChessBase im Rahmen seiner Fire-on-Board-Trophy auf dem Fritzserver veranstaltet hat. Die beiden Sieger, Jörg Wegerle und Idelfonso Datu, gewannen eine Reise und Einladung nach Eschweiler ins Best Western Hotel zur Fire-on-Board-Trophy, die vom 24.-26.Juni dort zwischen Kortschnoj und Shirov ausgetragen wird. Idelfonso Datu tritt seine Reise in den Phillippinnen an. Außerdem gab es weitere zahlreiche Schachpreise zu Veranstaltung. Alle Nichtturnierseiger haben aber noch weitere Chancen, eine Einladung zur Fire-on-Board-Trophy zu gewinnen, wenn Sie sich an dem Flash-Gewinnspiel oder dem Interview-Gewinnspiel auf der Fire-on-Board-Webseite beteiligen. Dort gibt es außerdem einige Geldpreise zu gewinnen. Fire-On-Board-Webseite..."Letter to Fans" und Zeitplan...

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Fire-on-Board-Trophy 2005: Der Wettkampf

Alexei Shirov

Viktor ("der Schreckliche") Kortchnoi

Shirov und Kortschnoj spielen vier Partien mit einer Bedenkzeit von 90 Minuten pro Partie/Spieler.

Zeitplan der Veranstaltung:

  • Freitag, 24 Juni 2005
    • 18 Uhr: Opening of the Chess in Art exhibition
    • 19 Uhr: Chess Simul featuring Shirov & Kortchnoi
  • Samstag, 25 Juni 2005
    • 11 Uhr: Private Lesson with Kortchnoi
    • 12 Uhr: Private Lesson with Shirov
    • 14 Uhr: 1. Partie
    • 18 Uhr: 2. Partie
  • Sonntag, 26 Juni 2005
    • 11 Uhr: Private Lesson mit Kortschnoi
    • 12 Uhr: Private Lesson mit Shirov
    • 14 Uhr: 3. Partie
    • 18 Uhr: 4. Partie
    • 19 Uhr: Siegerehrung, Gala-Dinner und Höhepunkte aus "Chess"


Liveübertragung und Internet TV

Die Partien können im Internet live verfolgt werden. Auf der Turnierwebseite kann man Audiokommnetare (€14.99) und Internet TV buchen buchen (€24.99). Zum Internet-TV gehören neben den Partien Interviews mit den Spielern mit Analysen, die GM Daniel King führen wird und Schachlektionen mit Shirov und Kortschnoj sowie Höhepunkte aus dem Musical "Chess".

Brief an meine Fans:


Dear Chess fans,

Of course, it is a big pleasure to greet you in the eve of my match against one of the most unique personalities in chess history. I remember when I first time played against Victor Lvovich in Torcy in 1990; it was kind of ‘young and green’ player against the experienced veteran. Now, fifteen years after, the definition ‘experienced veteran’ can be easily applied for myself while my opponent is not only ‘forever young’ and ‘evergreen’ but also an extremely promising and unpredictable player taking into account his recent successes in rapid chess!

In my latest book ‘Fire on Board 2’ (by the way, the German version will shortly be available too) I called my biography chapter ‘The struggle without limits’ and I think that Victor Kortchnoi’s example, his lifetime devotion to chess, is the best inspiration for such an attitude. Whatever will be the outcome of our mini-match, I will definitely learn something new with this experience.

And I hope not to disappoint my fans either.

Alexei Shirov
Riga, 3rd of June 2005


To my fans:

Hi, do you play chess? What kind – blitz, speed, normal? Well, it is our ancient, thoughtful game of chess, known for several thousand years as the Game of Kings, in the 20th Century underwent changes in the manner of playing and acquired diversity of forms.

Presumably, "speed chess" was introduced due to the drastically increased number of players all over the world. All of them want to take part at chess events, So any competition should not last too long. Perhaps the true craftsmanship of players will be suitably demonstrated by speed chess. But on the other hand people say the play is more attractive for spectators. Hopefully...

Well, the forthcoming match between me and Alexei Shirov will be played within the framework and according to rules of the speed chess. A Spanish citizen, Shirov is a great expert of this kind of play. In the speed chess tournaments of the highest rank, regularly organized by J. van Oosterom in Monaco, Shirov is always among the winners. He is also the favorite in our match. However, the underdog – me – is capable of snarling and biting. In April of this year I won a speed tournament in Israel, a 14th category event, with 10.5 out of 13, which was 2.5 points ahead of my pursuers. So, let us just wait and see what will happen...

Viktor Kortchnoi




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