Needleman bekommt Wildcard - Großmeister widersprechen Verschwörungstheorie

24.08.2005 – Einige der beteiligten Großmeister haben der Darstellung von Carlos Illardo über ein angebliches Kurzremis-Komplott gegen Needleman beim Tiebreak der Amerikanischen Kontinentalmeisterschaft widersprochen. Zwar sei es zu zahlreichen Kurzremis gekommen, doch diese seien vor allem eine Folge der späten Spielzeit bis tief in die Nacht gewesen. Zu Wort haben sich Alexander Onischuk und Gilberto Milos gemeldet. Unterdessen hat der benachteiligte 15-jährige Gaston Needleman auf Initiative des Gouverneurs von San Luis Rodriguez Sah während des FIDE-Kongresses in Dresden eine persönliche Einladung zum FIDE-World Cup von FIDE-Präsident Illymshinov erhalten. Mehr...

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Nach den Presseberichten über anscheinende die Benachteiligung des 15-jährigen Gaston Needleman beim Tiebreak der Amerikanischen Kontinentalmeisterschaft hat sich der Gouverneur der argentinischen Provinz Rodiguez Sah beim FIDE-Präsidenten für Needleman eingesetzt und erreicht, dass der junge Nachwuchsmann von Ilyumshinov eine Wildcard in Form einer persönlichen Einladung erhält. Rodriguez Sah ist derzeit wie der FIDE-Präsident zu Gast beim FIDE-Kongress in Dresden.

Der argentinische Schachjournalist Carlos Illardo hat in der Zeitung La nacion und auf den ChessBase-Webseiten gegenüber den beteiligten Großmeistern des Stichkampfes die Anschuldigung erhoben, diese hätten mit Hilfe von vorherigen Remisabsprachen vereinbart, Gaston Needleman zusammen aus der Qualifikation zu werfen. Tatsächlich wurden zwischen allen genannten Großmeistern mit einer einzigen Ausnahme nur kurze bis sehr kurze Remispartien gespielt.

Auf Mig Greengard Seite Chessninja wurde der Fall ausführlich diskutiert.

Dort hat sich auch Alexander Onischuk zu Wort gemeldet und der Darstellung von Carlos Illardo widersprochen. Auch Gilberto Milos gibt auf seiner Webseite eine andere Auffassung von den Vorgängen wider. Beide betonen, dass die Kurzremisen vor allem in der sehr späten Spielzeit ihre Ursache haben.

1 Alexander Onsichuk:

Hi everyone. First of all, I would like to thank Mig for being objective and not making conclusions based on the lies of some local Argentinean journalist as, unfortunately, the ChessBase web site did.

I could say a lot about the system of the tournament, which started at 10PM on the day of the last round and the closing ceremony and was supposed to be finished at about 5AM, but I won’t do that. I'll just give you some facts.

Some of you in your comments say something like "Felgaer fought, why didn't other GMs fight?" Well, everything was different from what the local journalist wrote. It was actually GM Felgaer who sent the young player into the dangerous minus-one zone in the fourth round. After that GM Felgaer made two short draws (and the bye) and secured his place in the World Cup.

I also would like to give you a score of my game with GM Granda Zuniga, which was a quite typical game between GMs in the first half of the tournament.

1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 e6 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 dxc4 7.e4 g5 8.Bg3 b5 9.Be2 b4 10.Na4 Ne4 11.Bxc4? Nxg3 12.hxg3 Bg7 13.Qe2 Nd7 14.O-O ½-½

Does this look to you, dear chess friends, like an arranged game? I made a mistake and offered a draw in a probably worse but complicated position. For my opponent, who had +1 at that moment and the best progressive score (tie-break), to agree meant practically to qualify for the World Cup, so he agreed.

I understand that chess fans want to see fighting, interesting games, but you cannot demand it from us at 2AM or if it is the second long game of the day. Before criticizing professional players please think about the reasons that can be behind short draws. Better conditions in chess, not rules like a "thirty moves rule," can improve the situation.

Sincerely, GM Alex Onischuk

2. Gilberto Milos:

Chess friends, Let me talk about the tie breaks of the continental championship. First I would like to point that it is not nice to play 7 games from 11 pm until 3 am immediately after playing eleven rounds of normal chess. I don’t fell any obligation, duo to these conditions, to avoid short draws or satisfy the public trying to play nice games.

When I realized that I had to play a tie break with seven players for six places and that I would be qualified with six draws I dreamed about 6 easy draws and keep dreaming in bed.
Think about this tournament; Six GMs of 2600 or more and another player with 2200. Seven players, six places. What would be your strategy? This tournament, played overnight, will be full of short draws or not? There was no agreement between the GMs. I respect all websites and I hope they don’t use this term (ganged on) without convincing proves.
The argentine journalist lied when he said that Felgaer played all his games. He drew quickly against me, Kasmky and Onishuk.

Let´s follow the tournament round by round.
First round I played with Vescovi, draw. Felgaer and Onishuk did the same. Kamsky and Granda played a long game with the same result.

Second round I lost to Needleman. I won a pawn in the opening, entered an endgame with two pawns up and managed to lose. He played very well in the last minutes.I did not offer a draw on this game because it was the first time I saw Gaston playing and he lost a pawn so easy... Then I realized I was exhausted to play chess. Granda beat Felgaer and the other game was a draw.
Third round I rested. Onishuk draw against Granda, Felgaer against Vescovi, after trying to win, and Kamsky beat Needleman.

Forth round I played Kamsky and draw since he was already qualifying with this result and I should wait the game Felgaer – Neddleman to know who would share the last place with me. The other game was a draw. Felgaer won and at this point I was qualifying again because the tie break system (progressive score from the normal tournament) favors me against Needleman.

I made another draw on round five, this time against Felgaer, who was out of danger. Onishuk played Needleman and had a better position after the opening (Benko Gambit) but blundered a pawn and was clearly worse in the endgame. Gaston did not find the best continuation and allowed a draw. The other game was a draw.
On round six Gaston had to beat Granda to force a situation in which I would have to beat Granda in the last round to qualify. I was impressed with this game because Julio never played routine moves trying to make a plan at that time in the evening and Gaston was also playing for win as he did in all games, but he lost.
After that Gaston was eliminated, but tried to win against Vescovi on last round and lost again. Other games were draws.

After the tournament (about 3:30 am) I went to talk with Gaston, for the first time, and his father, which I already played, and expressed my admiration for his talent and attitude when playing. I also wish him the best.
If you think that what happened was wrong, let’s change the rules, for example; Instead of a round robin we play knock out matches, the losers play themselves until the last loser remains and is eliminated. But please...we play on next day, after breakfast, with pause for lunch and dinner, if necessary.
Best wishes to All.






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