Leko gegen Kramnik in Miskolc

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05.04.2007 – Die ungarische Stadt Miskolc wird vom 25. bis 29. April Gastgeber eines Schnellschachwettkampfes zwischen Peter Leko und Vladimir Kramnik sein. Die frühere Industriestadt bemüht sich seit einiger Zeit, zu einem Kulturzentrum in Ungarn zu werden und hat in der Vergangenheit bereits Wettkämpfe zwischen Leko und Adams bzw. Leko und Karpov organisiert. Schauplatz der Neuauflage des WM-Kampfes von 2004 wird das Nationaltheater der Stadt sein.Turnierseite...Presseerklärung...

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We can not be mistaken to estimate the duel of eight games between two leading players of the world chess, Péter Lékó and the world champion, Vladimir Kramnik, taken place in the National Theater of Miskolc as the most prestigious event of the year 2007. The arbitrator of the event is Zsuzsa Verőczi, Grand Master, Head of Communication of the Hungarian Chess Federation.

As the first move of the Lékó+ series Péter Lékó played against Michael Adams in 2005. Lékó started the duel with three consecutive losses but, afterwards, he managed to equal the score and the two Grandmasters finished with a tie of 4-4. The Hungarian player held his own against one of the best player of the rapid and classical chess by playing superb games. Last year Lékó’s opponent was the twelfth world champion of chess, Anatolij Karpov, who, during his carrier, gained 166 competition victories setting a record that can not likely be broken in the future.

We are entitled to call that player of outstanding abilities in the history of chess the diplomat of the world in 64 squares, since Karpov-Schools work on every Continent and the Grand Master holds different functions in a big number of international organizations. The two leading players fought in the new shrine of chess, the beautiful National Theater of Miskolc and the excitement of their games exemplifies perfectly, why the chess fans are fond of rapid style so much.

The games were enjoyed by the fans both in the auditorium setting full house and the visitors via internet. The organization and the connected services were also of high quality. The games were commented live by master and disciple, Gyula Mészáros, International Master and Ferenc Berkes, Grand Master. The homepage of the event, www.lekokarpov.hu was visited frequently by reaching more than 3 millions of clicks on it. Lékó put himself on the lead by winning the third game and he could preserve his advantage till the end gaining a victory of 4,5-3,5.

As far as the pursuance of the series is concerned, our Grand Master is playing one of the most prestigious duel of the year against Vladimir Kramnik who deprived Garri Kasparov of his world championship title in London, 2000. Kramnik defended his title against Péter Lékó in Brissago, Switzerland, 2004. In the Autumn of 2006 he won the world championship final for uniting titles against the Bulgarian Veselin Topalov by 8,5-7,5 in the tie-break. We may consider their duel of eight games in Miskolc as the return match for Brissago, although, as it already happened in Budapest, 2001, they are going to play rapid games. Because of the rapid stroke fast ability of making decisions is required from the Grand Masters, they have much less time to evaluate the positions, intuition and creativity claim an increased role.

Kramnik and Lékó played against each other in the super tournament in Dortmund, 1995, since then they played another 73 games. Beside 57 draws, the Russian world champion has the lead by 10-7. As to the classical timing games they standing is 4-4 while concluded 36 draws. Kramnik is one of the best players in the world in rapid chess, he is leading 6-3 and they played 21 draws.






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