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15.06.2005 – Einmal im Monat wertet die ACP die Ergebnisse der Schachturniere nach einem bestimmten Schlüssel, in dem zwischen Rundenturniere, Open bzw. Turnieren mit langer Bedenkzeit und Schnellschachturnieren unterschieden wird, aus und ermittelt daraus eine Rangfolge für die laufende Saison, ähnlich wie die "ATP-Tour" im Tennis. An der Spitze liegt Vishy Anand gefolgt von Peter Leko und Boris Gelfand. Durch seinen geteilten ersten Platz hat sich Viktor Bologan au Platz vier vorgearbeitet. ACP-Webseite...Pressemitteilung der ACP...

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ACP Tour Report - May 2005

The final month of the ACP Tour is on! Things will hardly change at the very top of the standings, since Vishy Anand seems to have secured his first place. But the race is still open for the 8th place. It is very likely that the upcoming European Individual Championship will bring the decision. Even lower ranked players can make it into the top-8 in case they perform well at one of the remaining tournaments. Will someone follow Viorel Bologan's example? By sharing first place in Sarajevo, the Moldavian top-player managed to jump from 9th to 4th! Looking back at his performances this year, we can only state that this place is well-deserved. An advantage of the ACP Tour compared to the rating system is that it quite objectively reflects the chess players' form over the whole season.

Sarajevo's other winner Ivan Sokolov has also gained 320 points to appear on 9th place of the standings. Here is how the top-10 looks like:

Top-10 list on June 15th:

1.   Anand      1598
2.   Leko       1196
3.   Gelfand     916
4.   Bologan     865
5.   Kramnik     839
6.   Morozevich  709
7.   Bacrot      612
8.   Amonatov    600
9.   I.Sokolov   591
10.  Grischuk    567

In others tournaments rated in the ACP Tour last month, most winners were non-ACP members. We would like to congratulate Zviad Izoria for his win at the HB Global Chess Challenge in Minneapolis, as well as Victor Mikhalevsky for his victory in the open in Lake George! At the third tournament held on American soil, the Chicago Open, four people finished first: Vadim Milov, Jaan Ehlvest, Igor Novikov and Petr Kiriakov.

As we mentionned already in our previous report, the organizers of Sofia declined our invitation to be part of the ACP Tour. In view of its very high level, this event has nevertheless been counted with a 0,5-rate. Congratulations to Veselin Topalov for his brilliant performance!

As mentionned earlier, the highlight of the final period will be the European Championship in Zegrze Poludniowe. But we'll obviously keep an eye on all other tournaments going on, such as The World Open in Philadelphia, the open in Voronezh and several rapid events.

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